guest entry by RawsputinsGhost


the election of Obama was the last gasp of a poorly shot elephant, and those gathered to the kill stepped back a bit.  it’s all better now.  the thing is truly dead.  at twenty-one, my first vote was for Anyone But Regan.  I was not smart enough to realize that voting for Anyone But Regan in Texas was pointless and thus wasted a whole morning that could have been much better spent with beer.  so I understand those over-educated / under-employed dejected twenty-somethings who may never bother to vote again.  take heart, this caffeinated vodka is for you.

the slaying of the beast has been utterly primal.

a gut-shot public struggles on into the fallen night to find water; each, alone in the gathering realization that it’s everyone for themselves.  so we don’t sweat the small stuff anymore.  or the medium stuff either it would seem.

a ‘no fly zone’, used to be an airspace that was only fired upon if, well, something flew in it.  next time around, it included airfields and related logistical installations.  now it includes peasant ground-troops who have only dreamed of flying.
the hunters, are leaving the meat of the beast to rot in the field where it finally dropped.
this BTU business is going to continue.  as  our obsessive dreams evaporate from our tailpipes and power-plants, we are faced with an ever dwindling supply of  dead dinosaur goo.  it’s OK though, we were here first.   as long as we maintain the top of the heap.  now that we have developed a controling patina, and conditioned several generations of womb to grave consumers it’s a cinch.  in another thirty years the dis-illusioned generations will be all arot.  no one accepted the passing off of the common sense baton, who could?, and the weight of the truth is so heavy that the old ones are too tired to carry on the fight.
no one can match the horror that we deal in our quest for control of natural rescources to make our warm living rooms glow.
the US is the undisputed king of the hill, and if no one will come fight us, we are proven to climb down to whatever level necessary to find and engage an enemy.  any enemy.  we must, at all costs, keep up appearances.

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