Winter Notes



Learn to Learn.

once you have learned how to learn;
in the way that suits your person,

the rest of it,
the expression of every dream you will ever dream,

is a matter of self-discipline.

sometimes you will have it
and sometimes you will not.


this fearful thing;
the times in which Will deserts you,
is what keeps most from actualization.

they are bit by the snake of failure
and avoid the expansive forests of their promised lives
forever more.

until some final reckoning,
if there is time for it at death,

where true failure lies at hand,
the un-lived life,



choose madness.
pass through those who defy once common reason
and embrace popular cultures of judgment;
the grandiose Sisyphus climb to the bottom.

perhaps it is natural to judge and shun, the others.
to center consciousness around the self-righteousness of the self,

teaming with those who agree as a group
against those who do not,

sacrificing your essential nature
to become acceptable and tame.

fearful of what is possible,
instead of embracing possibility.


Once a gift is given un-returned,
the real reckoning begins.

Self is sacrificed to embrace a prescribed social despair;
the great deflector of tranquility.

and we are harder for the trial we should never have had to take.

if we are giving, and giving is our nature,
then to be otherwise compromises our truth of being,
making us harder and less flexible
in our inner reality of self.


a construction of many little various truths
inevitably results in lies as real
and solid as any ice sculpture.

re re freezing us finally into place
with some random or chosen society,
rich in seclusion and paranoia;

the ultimate betrayal
of our foundational natural selves,

until death or heart-ache
opens a brief window on our wintered soul.


self-actualization is won in choosing one’s nature,
not simply finding it in the tooth of a long day.

dream and only dream,
and there will be no failure.

bringing dreams into this physical world
requires failure.
it matters not what anyone thinks-
as long as you go on.

Learn what you are doing.
do the best that you can.
extend love and helpfulness to all
and light your way.

love even the others,
for this is how you save your soul.

but know the reptile
cannot help but bite,
anymore than you can help
but to love.

the rest of it;
all of it;
simple shades of darkness.



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