Writers’ Notes

If you wish to play to yourself,
you are best left in the comfort quarters
of your most inner rooms.

If you wish to play to others,
You must learn to tune.
Stop writing shit
Start writing blood.
Why waste your pecking thumbs
with questions to me?

if you want to know about writing; read sparingly;
but closely.
You need only prick your finger, child.

if you want to know about editors,
then you do not know the seriousness of the float.
and there is still hope that you will stop
dreaming on shadows.
If you want to know about writing,
you must start with the sky as Sweet Magnolia.
If you truly must write
Stop reading the insults of others.
One poker game with a passing Blade
Is worth a thousand words.
you will write only a little, because you are afraid.
Then, you will write all at once,
just before you die.
then, not even you will care.
be sure, myflower,
this is what you want.
if only you write drunk stoned and fallen,
you are a diarist, not a writer.
Get Clear.
Then Celebrate.
Buy, or steal, a good fountain pen.
You must at all cost,
Learn Your Shape
In Words.
The only things you will learn in school
are dead things and debt.
You must run through every shooting gallery in your heart,
But Not Take The Dope.
Then you have something no one else knows;
and there, something to write.
No one charts the deeper stars.
Some comets do not return.
Those who say ‘trust yourself’,
are not your friends.
You are a writer;
Trust No One.
Need Cra$h?>
write the same goddamned thing
every six months.
Even I know; that was Rich.
If you steal my semi;
while I am alive;
my ghost will fuck with you.
don’t expect it to happen all at once.
it will,
but don’t expect it.
the secret things you want to do?
do them.
Care for nothing you cannot do.
Free Verse Is your only Friend.
all else; a needy relative.
Before anything may fall into place;
It must be thrown and scattered.
Be a painter and cry on your paper.
No one cares how you dig your grave,
Show them the body.
Fuck Around.
Publishers only come after you die.
Even while you are alive.
What is so very wrong with Now?
You will never improve on the one you fear most.
Never pick a fight with a Poet.

myshitnotyours: I flame with the immediacy of the new literary form. bang. keep pressing the go key. bang. What ship sails the whole world at once but this? bang.


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